Orobourus Dragon

Lately I have been feeling like an Ouroboros Dragon!  I feel as though this year I have struggle to create works and concepts that can be easily contained.  It’s like I want to rebel against my usual mode of simplified and distilling ideas down to one thought, one gesture, one story.  I’m starting to enjoy the idea of works like trees with many branches.  One thought spins off another thought connect more and more thoughts upwards, but also the roots growing further down and further out.  I want things to get more complex.

I think about the fact that I’m drawn to work that opens doors rather than shuts them.  I like it when people don’t quite know what they’re saying.  I like it when things are a bit chaotic.  I think I like this because this is how I relate to the world.  The world makes no sense to me.  It’s messy and fun and full of failure.  So this is the kind of work I’m drawn to seeing and making.  Messy, fun and full of failure.

A poor dragon that eats it’s own tail!


Here is the Wikipedia definition of the Ourobouros Dragon – interesting to see the word self-reflexive in there.