Scores and Scores


Fantastic to geek out on scoring!  In particular Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s beautiful piece Fase (set to music by Steve Reich who I love!)

The best visual scores I have come across lately are by Jeff Henderson, an experimental musician and director of the Audio Foundation in Auckland.  A few years ago Jeff created a piece called Uncage My Heart.  Based on works by John Cage, he created a number of score boxes.  Each side contained collaged material from old magazines and cook books.  14 musicians were placed with their instruments in a circle, each with a box of their own.  In the middle a conductor with their own special ‘conductor’s box.’  The system was that you could change the side of the box you were looking at as many times as you wanted while trying to follow the conductor who had his own score to follow.  Whether a conductor or a musician you had to adopt, as much as you could, the physical position of the people in the pictures.  There may also be mood words or concepts to follow.  Or you could land up with numbers, which meant you had to play in semi tones.  It is a great example of creating a visual score that while coded is able to create a kind of freeness that is very rare.


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